12 Ideas to Make Safety Training Less Boring

Safety training does not have to be boring, however, it has to count. Here are some of the ways you can make your safety training more enjoyable and engaging for your workforce:

1. Break up lectures into small portions to prevent your audience from losing focus

2. Ask employees to demonstrate a safety procedure correctly and play a video to show them how to do it beforehand

3. Allow employees to practice safety tasks on their own with partners so they can check one another

4. Provide immediate feedback when you are checking their progress. Trying and failing before succeeding can motivate employees and keep them engaged

5. Tell stories regarding workplace safety – but use real life examples. It will help them connect with the training and pay attention

6. People learn in different ways so rather than just reading off a Power Point presentation, bring in visuals aids and props that will capture their attention

7. Offer incentives for answering questions you ask. Sometimes, people will just stare at you and not reply. Rewarding questions or answers with candy, shirts, coffee mugs etc can motivate them to participate actively

8. Use stimulating images. Most people are visual learners and can recall visual aids faster than content based training classes. It will also help you incorporate safety features successfully after the training into the workplace

9. Use humor. While safety is far from being a funny issue, a little humor can ease tension and lift some of the boredom especially if the training is more than an hour long

10. Get the veterans on board. New employees and existing ones are more open to peers who are in the same job especially if they are respected in their department. Getting them on board by asking them to share their own experiences can drive home your training.

11. Allow frequent breaks. After an hour or so, allow your employees to get up and stretch or even go out for some fresh air. Remember, you are there to make their lives safer, not unnecessarily harder. Take the opportunity to teach them the importance of stretching (once they return) by asking them how they felt during the break. It will drive the point home harder.

12. Incorporate games into the safety training to keep the audience engaged from start to finish

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